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There is no big secret about Chinese Medicine. Great health is achieving by mastering the fundamental principle of balancing the five elements of our body!We got sick because of our bad habits, to get well, first stop repeating bad habits, then try to what is good for you, i.e. develop good habits!"Heaven and Earth are everlasting. The reason Heaven and Earth can last forever is that they do not exist for themselves. Thus they can last forever."  Tao Te ChingThe ancient Masters were profound and subtle. Their wisdom was unfathomable. There is no way to describe it; all we can describe is their appearance. Tao Te ChingThe Tao is like a well: used often, but never used up. It is like the eternal void: filled with infinite possibilities.


Dr. Lee’s healing method is an excellent complementary therapy, enhancing the efficacy of any kind of yoga and spiritual practice. In yoga “shodana” and “shuddi” is practised to purify and balance the Ida and pingala channel. With the use of moxibustion and it’s blend of special herbs this process of spiritual detoxification is greatly intensified and can therefore assist the yoga practitioner to advance in his Sadhana. Those with a particular interest in Kundalini Yoga or Laya Yoga Practise will experience significant benefits from this addition. Moxibustion can be also very supportive of meditative techniques, including raja yoga or zen. Many of Dr Lee’s visitors are zen monks and he also works closely with yoga teachers. Together they often reflect upon the ongoing body/mind challenges that confront and sometimes compromise spiritually advanced yogis. Dr Lee often points out that, paradoxically, yoga practice can occasionally lead sadhakas to a selfish and almost exclusive lifestyle, whereas ancient Chinese spirituality teachings always place emphasis on the idea of “together”. In a family, for example, no single member can achieve happiness if everyone in the family is not also feeling happy and fulfilled.