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There is no big secret about Chinese Medicine. Great health is achieving by mastering the fundamental principle of balancing the five elements of our body!We got sick because of our bad habits, to get well, first stop repeating bad habits, then try to what is good for you, i.e. develop good habits!"Heaven and Earth are everlasting. The reason Heaven and Earth can last forever is that they do not exist for themselves. Thus they can last forever."  Tao Te ChingThe ancient Masters were profound and subtle. Their wisdom was unfathomable. There is no way to describe it; all we can describe is their appearance. Tao Te ChingThe Tao is like a well: used often, but never used up. It is like the eternal void: filled with infinite possibilities.

Kids & Games

The effect of smart phones and computer games on our younger generation is profound and long-lasting!   Yet we struggle to pull our kids away from their game chairs once they get started. Most of our kid stop playing games not because they want to stop, but because they are exhausted.

Kids may want to eat or drink more sweet stuff, because they are low on energy.  Kids may get upset easily when asked to stop playing their addictive games. Kids may get back pain or shoulder pain because of bad posture while sat playing games for long periods of time. Kids may get water retention or even overweight.   All because of one word: “imbalance”!

Too much time glued to a games console causes the liver to overwork for a long period of time and so it becomes overheated. Body heat builds up and so the child becomes sensitive and is easily upset when they are asked to leave their computer. Stress levels build up because of the kind of intense, repetitive thinking these games demand.  Such imbalanced activity compromises a healthy appetite and produces only an insatiable craving for sweet things.