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There is no big secret about Chinese Medicine. Great health is achieving by mastering the fundamental principle of balancing the five elements of our body!We got sick because of our bad habits, to get well, first stop repeating bad habits, then try to what is good for you, i.e. develop good habits!"Heaven and Earth are everlasting. The reason Heaven and Earth can last forever is that they do not exist for themselves. Thus they can last forever."  Tao Te ChingThe ancient Masters were profound and subtle. Their wisdom was unfathomable. There is no way to describe it; all we can describe is their appearance. Tao Te ChingThe Tao is like a well: used often, but never used up. It is like the eternal void: filled with infinite possibilities.


When I escaped the cold winter of Beijing and stayed in Bangkok for the New Year last February, I talked about my often occurring tiredness and sleeping problems with a friend who lives there and he warmly recommended me to see Dr. Lee.

After a thorough checkup Dr Lee prescribed me Moxibustion.

The feeling of this treatment is really a special one, as the slight warmth grows to heat, you feel yourself drifting into a deep sleep without being able to resist. Let go of the problems of everyday life and let yourself fall into the cosy warmth, the scent of the herbs burnt. When Dr. Lee wakes you up to remove the package, I felt newborn: together with the medical herbs and the poisons from my body a great package of sorrows and worries, of old pain that has been stored in our bodies (without us even knowing) has been burnt away! After every session your step as a much lighter and freer person back into and through life!

I learned that constant tension accumulates in our body and over time leads to all sorts of discomforts, which eventually – if not treated in time – can result in more serious health problems. To consciously take responsibility for your health is the first step, the second ist to undertake concrete measures to prevent things from going too far. Moxibustion is not only a great way to cure problems already manifested in the body, but also to prevent physical und mental discomforts and tensions from progressing to become serious problems.

If you happen to be in Bangkok, don’t miss this gret opportunity to bring warmth and light into your body and mind! Thank you for everything Dr. Lee!

Olga (I am a Russian Austrian, currently living in Beijing)