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There is no big secret about Chinese Medicine. Great health is achieving by mastering the fundamental principle of balancing the five elements of our body!We got sick because of our bad habits, to get well, first stop repeating bad habits, then try to what is good for you, i.e. develop good habits!"Heaven and Earth are everlasting. The reason Heaven and Earth can last forever is that they do not exist for themselves. Thus they can last forever."  Tao Te ChingThe ancient Masters were profound and subtle. Their wisdom was unfathomable. There is no way to describe it; all we can describe is their appearance. Tao Te ChingThe Tao is like a well: used often, but never used up. It is like the eternal void: filled with infinite possibilities.



Welcome to the Land of Smiles. Bangkok is a thriving metropolis where you can enjoy every modern convenience yet still discover ancient treasures tucked away in the heart of the city. In the midst of the bustling streets, high rises, and trendy dining spots of Thonglor – Ekkamai there is a small house, here you will find the customary electric fan, and a magical fragrant atmosphere. This is where a humble man from Korea resides: Dr. Lee. And it is in these quarters that Dr. Lee can pin-point your body’s needs at a glance, and offer you the best analysis simply from the feel of your pulse.

Oriental Medical Therapy is a healing centre run by Dr. Lee. His unique method of integrated traditional Chinese moxibustion is not only the the best therapeutic approach that can be found at the heart of Bangkok, but all over Asia. Dr Lee has developed a vibrant treatment that touches each individual cell of your body. A treatment that effectively balances your energy flow. A treatment that gently releases your body heat.

There is an old Chinese saying; wherever herbs and needles can’t get to, use moxibustion. However, Dr. Lee has discovered that combining a variety of rare and exotic herbs with moxa creates a profound healing effect and balances our bodys’ energy flow. This concept has been known for thousands of years, and now Dr. Lee has finally perfected a treatment that uses precious gifts from the earth to the fullest benefit of the receiver.